Geoff Walter is a writer and cartoonist from Long Island, New York.
After graduating in 2005 from Fordham University where he was an English major, Geoff started working for the Sports Net New York website - - in June of 2006 as a writer covering the Staten Island Yankees, the Brooklyn Cyclones minor-league baseball teams, the New York Titans indoor lacrosse team, and the Rutgers, Hofstra, and Fordham college football teams among others.
Geoff’s cartoons were first featured on SNY when he combined them with his unique brand of sportswriting to create “Geoff the Ref” which ran every Monday starting in the fall of 2006.  The feature was later expanded to Thursdays as well.
His second feature - “Walter’s World” - a successor to “Geoff the Ref,” launched in November 2007 on SNY and ran through March 2008 with the same Monday / Thursday schedule but focused solely on larger cartoons while still maintaining Geoff’s own brand of humor.
Geoff’s newest project is the comic strip “Deep to Right,” about die-hard Yankee (and New York sports) fan Russell Harris and his friends Ethan and Rebecca and which will made its debut on around Opening Day 2008.
Though he “roots for all New York teams,” Geoff is an avid Yankee fan.  This upcoming season you can find him up at the Big Ballpark in the Bronx, mostly puttering around watching batting practice before launching catcalls down on the opposing team from his seats in the upperdeck near the left field foul pole.
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